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Product's Name: Phen375
Medically and Clinically Backed Distributed from Dallas, TX Recommended By Doctors Great customer support Only Natural Ingredients. No Side Effects. 30 Days no questions asked money back guarantee Huge Selection Of Bonuses. Free Shipping
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Bottom Line : 4.5 /5 - Excellent
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Reviewed by: Chloe H. Gayhart on March 20, 2011

  • No Side Effects
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Editor's Choice
  • 30 Days Money Back

Do you ever wonder about Phen375 reviews that claim to burn fat and keep you from gaining back that weight? Some people say it’s a scam, but it’s clear that those people haven’t even tried the product yet.


If you read the company’s website, you’ll find dozens of testimonials of people who have succeeded in losing more than a dozen pounds and have kept the weight off after all those months.

Read this compiled information about Phen375 reviews to find out how they did it!

What is Phen375?

The complete name of the capsule is Phentemine 375, and is the long awaited health supplement from years of research by the company.

It incorporates two major weight loss methods that makes it so special: it burns fat and suppresses your appetite. All other health products have only one or the other, which makes them unsuitable for many people.

But for this Phen375 review, you’ll find out how the product makes it possible.

phen375 reviewsThe capsules are able to do this double duty job because of its special blend of ingredients. First, there is L-carnitine which releases stored fat into the bloodstream to burn as energy.

There is also Dehydroepiandrosterone which helps in breaking down other stored fat. Those fats are then burned through the help of 1,3-Dimethypentylamine Hydrochloride which increases thermogenic action to speed up your body’s metabolic rate.

Finally, there is trimethlyxanthine, which helps to suppress hunger signals to your brain.

The advantages given by most Phen375 reviews

    • It breaks down fat, burns it and increases your metabolism. This is the primary way you’ll lose weight. Within the first few days of taking the capsules, you’ll notice your fatty areas gradually decreasing. You’ll also feel more energized because of those released fat molecules and your increased metabolism. You’ll not only lose up to five pounds a week, you’ll also have more energy to go through each day.
    • It stops you from gaining back the fat. Once you start taking it, the capsule not only breaks down your fatty tissues, it also prevents them from forming again by suppressing your hunger. While other products keep burning the fat that you eat thereby giving you no benefit, these capsules help to keep the weight down, essentially cutting down your weight loss efforts in half!
    • It offers a special thirty day diet plan. The company’s concern for its customers is shown through its exclusively made meal plan to augment the pills. Through this, you’ll also learn about the most nutritious ways to gain nutrients and keep the fat off.

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The Disadvantages noted in Phen375 reviews

    • Light exercise is required. This isn’t mandatory, but remember those fat molecules that have been released in your blood stream? That naturally occurs when you’re doing heavy exercise. What the capsule does is release those deposits for you, making it easier to burn. It only takes fifteen to twenty minutes of walking or other light physical activity to speed up your weight loss.
    • You may feel tired in the first few days. Although the capsules give you extra energy, your body isn’t used to having its metabolism increased all of a sudden. In one Phen375 reviews, some test subjects felt tired or dizzy the first time they took the capsules. However, the effect lasted only within the first week, and they quickly gained more energy with the help of the thirty day plan.

phen375 reviews

The conclusion given on the Phen375 reviews

There is no such thing as a miracle cure. You can tell whether a product is a scam if it advertises a twenty pound weight loss in one week. This product won’t do that, but instead ensure you a steady three to five pound weight loss within the first weeks. You’re guaranteed that the Phen375 reviews I have read will give you the necessary information to buy your first pack today.

Phen375 reviews

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Phen375 Reviews4.722222222222222Chloe H. Gayhart2015-05-12 17:29:18[review2 title=”Phen375″ rating=”4.5″ pros=”Medically and Clinically Backed Distributed from Dallas, TX Recommended By Doctors  Great customer supp…

This is a UniqueHoodia review, click below if you are looking for:

Almost everyone in the weight loss industry knows about hoodia, but do they know about any UniqueHoodia review that shows all the needed information about the supplement? This short article will show everything you need to know about this African based diet wonder.

What makes this  UniqueHoodia review so special?

This article will first give you a brief background of the product. The main ingredient as you may guess is from the African cactus called Hoodia gordonii, valued among locals for its medicinal effects.

Chief among these is its ability to boost energy for a short period of time while making you feel fuller.

The medicinal properties of the cactus has been utilized by a number of other companies, but only UniqueHoodia provides exceeds the required amount while at the same time providing extra ingredients to boost its effects.

This UniqueHoodia review gives you the 3 logical explanations why does the product work.

    • It suppresses the appetite successfully. The unique advantage of UniqueHoodia is that this is the only product that can stop you from eating. In fact, this is the only company that makes the capsules with one thousand four hundred eight five milligrams of one hundred percent Hoodia gordonii core. Other companies use only peelings or extracts which are nowhere as effective. This product on the other hand used the perfect dosage and concentration based on years and years of research and customer feedback. It is so effective that almost ninety five percent of all customers reorder within the first three months.
    • It is absorbed much faster by the body. The capsules are specially manufactured with the Piper Nigrum plant extract called bioperine.This unique compound increases the efficiency and speed of absorption. This makes it easy for first timers to tell whether the product is working or not. Based on customer feedback, ninety nine percent of customers can feel the supplement’s effects within the first thirty minutes.
    • It is all natural. All of the main ingredients come from the plants’ core, making them effective and safe. There are no other stimulants, so you won’t feel any headaches or jitters unlike other products out there.


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This UniqueHoodia review gives you a simple warning.

As you read this UniqueHoodia review, you may think that you can start using it without any worries. While the capsules are one hundred percent natural, you should carefully track its potency.

UniqueHoodia reviewTake note that it is made from the core of the cactus and is unaltered. This means that its appetite suppressing effect is very strong.

One in-house study was made on its effect, and in stronger doses, it was possible to stop the feeling of hunger well over twenty four hours.

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For those who haven’t tried the product yet, make sure you eat a full meal. Keep track of your progress so that you don’t overdose. It would be best to consult your doctor before trying any serious diet regimen.

Are there any guarantees that it will work for me?

It is alright to doubt the authenticity of the product; other unscrupulous companies have scammed people with only small extracts or peelings of the cactus included in their capsules.

However, the company guarantees the effectiveness of the product with the information on its website. You’ll not only see dozens of testimonials, you’ll also find three different certificates confirming its unaltered state, origin and purity.

You’ll never lose that weight if you don’t try the product. Read another UniqueHoodia review on the website just to be sure and then order your first box today

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UniqueHoodia review3.8333333333333335Chloe H. Gayhart2012-07-09 18:10:49This is a UniqueHoodia review, click below if you are looking for:

UniqueHoodia Official Website

Almost everyone in the weight loss indus…


Product's Name: Acai Berry Select
Each package contains fifty milligrams of pure extract.
It increases fat oxidation and metabolism.
The effects can be seen in as little as fifteen days.
Because this supplement is still relatively new, not a lot of specialized studies has conducting on pregnant women. It is therefore advisable that women start taking this only after weaning their babies.
Bottom Line : 4 /5 - Good
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Reviewed by: Chloe H. Gayhart on March 24, 2011

  • No Side Effects
  • 100% Natural
  • 90 Days Money Back

Important Update: Acai Berry Select is available as a COUPON now.
(updated on 18th of December, 2017)

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There have been reports that some Acai Berry Select reviews scam.  I have gathered together factual Acai Berry Select reviews it is all up to you to decide whether it is a scam or not.


Acai Berry Select reviews explain the natural benefits of the fruit

First of all, you will need to know where this natural supplement comes from and how it works in your body. The extracts come from the fruit of the Acai Palm, a South American herb that has knowing to scientists for years for its medicinal value.

Chief among these is its high content of antioxidants which help to repair damages caused by free radicals. When you exercise, muscle tissues are regularly stressed, making them perfect targets for free radicals.

Antioxidants help with dieting by fixing these muscles, diverting needed nutrients towards fat burning actions.

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The three major advantages of the product as outlined in most of Acai Berry Select reviews

    • Each package contains fifty milligrams of pure extract. All of the capsules contain the natural ingredients directly from the fruit, ensuring that your body gets the right amount of polyphenol and bio-flavonoid compounds that help with the anti-oxidant effects.
    • It increases fat oxidation and metabolism. In laymen’s terms, this health supplement can help burn fat and make you look younger. This is one of only a few products that have knowing to increase anti-oxidant activity as well as help with weight loss and cardiovascular health. The capsules are able to achieve this because of its special blend of other ingredients such as Chromium and Green Tea Extract.
    • The effects can be seen in as little as fifteen days. While you will need at least one month to see big changes, you will start to feel healthier and more energetic after a little more than a week.In fact, Brazilians consume the berries on a regular food because it provides them with the strength and vitality.

Honest Acai Berry Select reviews gives the downside of the product

    • Because this supplement is still relatively new, not a lot of specialized studies has conducting on pregnant women. It is therefore advisable that women start taking this only after weaning their babies.
    • Likewise, parents are also advised not to give these to children below twelve years of age as their young bodies might not yet be able to metabolize the rich content of the berries.
    • For those with special heart conditions or take other medications, please consult with your doctor first about the powerful ingredients of the extract and whether or not it may interfere with your current medications.


Click Here To Visit The Official Acai Berry Select Website

In order to fully appreciate its benefits, doctors and nutritionists recommend jogging for at least fifteen minutes, or walking for thirty minutes. For those who have to do, they can take to and from their house to bus or train stops to boost the product’s weight loss effect.

The conclusion about all the Acai Berry Select reviews

The nutritional benefits of this wonderful health supplement have documented by scientists and individuals for many years and from different countries.

It is unfortunate that the result has been negatively portrayed in the media because of other unscrupulous companies who take advantage of its healing effects.

The company takes pride in its online ordering security as well as its money back guarantee.

All the Acai Berry Select products ordered from the website pass through rigorous quality checks to ensure their weight loss and anti-oxidant properties are one hundred percent effective.

Acai Berry Select is not a scam! There are true and one hundred percent effect supplements that are being unfairly put into the same category as negative reviews.

Uou will know that they are safe and highly effective as it has been proven by truthful Acai Berry Select reviews, if you fully understand the benefits of the capsules as well as where to get them authentically online

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Acai Berry Select Reviews4Chloe H. Gayhart2013-05-13 02:32:20[review2 title=”Acai Berry Select” rating=”4″ pros=”Each package contains fifty milligrams of pure extract.
It increases fat oxidation and metabolism…
Product's Name: African Mango Plus
It is 100% all-natural
It suppresses your appetite
It burns fat
You need to take it regularly
Only Available online
Bottom Line : 4 /5 - Good
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Reviewed by: Chloe H. Gayhart on March 27, 2011

  • No Side Effects
  • 100% Natural
  • 90 Days Money Back

Important Update: African Mango Plus is available as a COUPON now.
(updated on 18th of December, 2017)

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Have you ever wondered if African Mango reviews tell you the truth on what can the product actually do?

Matter of fact, there are some reviews created mainly for promotional purposes.

I have read many African Mango reviews created by health and fitness and experts and here’s what they can say about the product.

African Mango reviews consider the product as a Natural Supplement

African Mango reviews

You may have already heard about Irvinga gabonensis, also known as the wild or wilderness mango.

The extract from the fruit have knowing to concentrate the hormone leptin, which is responsible for telling the brain that the body no longer requires food, and thus tells you to stop eating.


In addition, other health benefits such as lower fat and cholesterol as well as an increase in metabolism have all been verified by different research groups.

In fact, African tribesmen still take this fruit today for its protein-rich content, as well as its energizing effect. The fruits are popularly known there as odika or dika nuts, and are consuming whole, or are finding to a powdery form.

 african mabgo reviews

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  • When mixed with water, the powder forms an adhesive and is using like dika bread, another popular snack. Because most of the tribesmen were not obese, the fruit’s natural weight loss effects we are not noticing until westerners stumbled upon it on different occasions, and noted the same slimming effects among their experiences.

The three major advantages listed in all African Mango reviews

    • It burns fat.
      The same research studies found that the extract consistently helps subjects lose more than ten pounds within one month.This is because of the thermogenetic, or fat burning properties of Irvingia gabonesis. In addition, it must finding to increase the body’s metabolic rate, doubling the fat-burning effect and speeding up your diet.
    • It suppresses your appetite.
      While other products only increase your food craving, this supplement does the opposite by releasing a hormone which makes you feel full. When you take this regularly, you’ll find yourself taking fewer portions and finishing your meal in half the time. This alone has produced major results in consumers within one week of the regimen.
    • It is 100% natural.
      Because the extract comes from the fruit itself, there are no synthetic additives. This guarantees the absence of any side effects in the body. In fact, 99% of all study subjects did not see any lingering effects except for the weight loss.

Truthful African Mango reviews should mention some disadvantages

    • You need to take it regularly.
      In the studies conducted by research groups, only those who took the extra three times a day before meals showed the most significant weight loss. Although you are free to use it fewer times per day, there is no guarantee that fewer servings will help you with your diet.
    • The other big disadvantage is that it is only available online and may take a few weeks to deliver.
      However, once you receive your African mango extract, you will find out those few weeks were worth it when you start to see its powerful weight loss effects within your first month.

African Mango reviews analysis of the product in the Long Run

African Mango reviewsThe long-term effect of Irvingia has a note for those who take it for several months. You do not even need to perform strenuous exercises for the effects to start.

One article on seventy two women who had recently given birth showed weigh loss of up to twenty pounds within three months. Many of these women actually got back to their pre-pregnant weight by taking the exact coupled with light walking and even complete housekeeping.


The solution is regular body movement as the fruit only works with some physical stimulation.

Almost all other diet products out there try to go against the body’s natural instincts of healthy metabolism by either forcing it to eat too many calories at one time or depriving it of needed nutrients.

Thankfully African Mango reviews verified that this natural supplement does not make any of that but works with your body to produce a strong and long lasting result.

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African Mango reviews4.611111111111111Chloe H. Gayhart2012-09-13 22:28:18[review2 title=”African Mango Plus” rating=”4″ pros=”It is 100% all-natural
It suppresses your appetite
It burns fat” cons=”You need to take it regu…